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Home Computer Support

Malware Removal. Data Backups. PC and Laptop Repair.
If your computer has issues, we have solutions. Call us today and get your questions answered!

Virus and Malware Removal

Our virus removal experts will detect, isolate, and remove all viruses and spyware from your laptop or desktop computer.

$25.00 to remove "grey" malware (PC Optimizer Online, My Backup, etc)
$99.00 to remove viruses from bootable systems (can boot to the desktop)
$129.00 to remove viruses from non-bootable systems.

Support Contracts

Let us lift the burden of maintaining your system, of keeping anti-virus up to date, of making sure your system is backed up. And yes, that means if you get a virus on your system, it is covered!

$25.00 per computer per month (comprehensive coverage, excludes licenses and hardware)
$75.00 per server per month (maintenance only)

Web Services

Our web-based services give you the backup, technical support, and secure data access you need to keep your company functioning smoothly and efficiently.

CryptoLocker Protection

A new and very dangerous version of the ransom-ware virus family called CryptoLocker has been released. We have a tool that will protect your computer against it.

FREE Download and included as part of our maintenance and virus removal service.

Home Computer Support

We are so much more than just PC and Laptop Repair. Geekoids will answer your questions about computers, software or the internet, provide you with advice on data backups or other technical issues, set up your wireless network or transfer your data from your old computer to a new one!

Get quick resolution to computer hardware, software or network related questions. Your Geekoids technician CAN help you confidently resolve computer repair issues, answer your questions or set up a tutoring session.
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Malware Removal

Tired of pop-up windows, computer crashes, slow computers or other errant behaviour? Viruses aren't just something that makes your computer malfunction, today's virus authors are writing programs that attack you for your financial data, lurk in order to steal your personal information, or use your computer and internet connection to attack others.

We can remove the malware and make your computer *yours* again!

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On-site Computer Repair

Sometimes you can't bring the problem to us, we need to come out and look at the issue. Whether its a personal computer that has just crashed, a small network that needs configuration or some other service that you need performed, our friendly technicians can resolve the issue at your location. We have can almost always schedule for the next business day and try to keep same-day appointments available for emergency or priority customers.
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Data Backup/Data Recovery

Unless it is brand new, the value of the computer isn't measured so much by what it can do as what it has done. Documents, pictures, address books, recipes ... we have a thousand different uses for the computer and each one creates some data that, over time, becomes the real value of the computer.
How safe is your data? When was the last time you backed it up and do you know where that backup is?
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Remote Computer Support

Computer support has never been faster or easier. Just sit back and watch as we fix your computer problems right in front of your eyes directly over the Internet. After you give us permission to access your computer we can then diagnose & fix your home computer directly over the Internet through the use of a secure remote support technology.
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Web Services

Our web-based services give you the backup, technical support, and secure data access you need to keep your company functioning smoothly and efficiently.
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Affordable Home and Small Business Computer Support

Computers ... everyone has one, but are you comfortable repairing it? Do you have questions about how to use it? How to go about removing the viruses that are so much a part of today's internet? Ensuring your critical data is backed up in a safe and timely manner? Moving your data from an old computer to your new one?

Geekoids can help you get your computer up and running again. Our affordable services can make fixing that older computer cost effective. Select Geekoids as your choice for hardware upgrading, installation and repair. We specialize in virus/spyware/adware removal, data recovery and internet connectivity.

We can assist you in one of three ways!

  • In-Home: Make an appointment for a Geekoids consultant to work on the system in your home without your having to disconnect the computer and transport it to our shop.
  • In-Shop: No appointment necessary! Just bring your computer into the shop for our technician to resolve your computer problems!
  • Internet: Want to have a technician look at something popping up on your computer? Or to have a question answered? Or even to have malware removed from your computer without the hassle of bringing it into our shop or having to let a stranger into your home? With our Citrix based software, you can invite us to connect to your computer and we can provide you with the services you require to resolve your computer problem!

There simply are times when you just need a Geek!

Contact us today to see how we can help you resolve all your computer problems!

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Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you save time, money, and resources on technology.


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