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Computer repair has never been faster or easier. Just sit back and watch as we fix your computer problems right in front of your eyes directly over the Internet. After you give us permission to access your computer we can then diagnose & fix your home computer directly over the Internet through the use of screen sharing technology.

Just follow 3 simple steps and we are there in your computer correcting your problem. Most sessions are completed in one hour or fall under one of our flat fee repair plans.

  1. Call 503-968-8414 and discuss your computer problems with one of our support staff. The technician will determine what needs to be done and the schedule a time (if it can't be done immediately) when we will connect to resolve your computer issues.
  2. Our Tech will direct you make a secure payment using Paypal (see link below) or take your credit card information over the phone. We recommend *NOT* using online bill pay if there is a virus on your system due to security issues, but we realize some people are uncomfortable giving their credit card information over the phone. You may also come into the shop to pay directly, either with a credit card, cash or check.
  3. When you are ready, we will either send you an email with an easy link to permit us to connect to your system or walk you through the process for us to connect to your computer using our Citrix based support program. This is a secure remote connection which can only be initiated with your agreement and assistance. Once we have connected to your system, you do not have to remain on the phone, although you are welcome to watch on your screen the work our tech is performing - nothing is hidden from your view! Once we have remotely removed your viruses, malware and spyware we will contact you to confirm that we have completed the work, disconnect from your system and you will be up and running again!

We do NOT use foreign outsourcing. Our techs are here in the US and you will be able to understand them.
Remote Session Payment Link
Click here for when directed to initate a remote support session

Top Ten Reasons to Call Geekoids

  • This amazing screen sharing technology allows our technicians to securely access your computer remotely.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed - If we can't resolve your problem you will not pay anything. It sounds funny saying that but some companies will charge you even if they do not fix your problem.
  • Convenience - Your computer is repaired in your home or business directly over the Internet, sometimes in just a matter of minutes depending upon the issue. There is no need to disconnect all the cables and bring your PC to the local computer shop.
  • Downtime is reduced significantly saving you time and productivity
  • Training If you're not sure how to do something on your computer give us a call. We'll remote in and help you figure it out.
  • You don't have to wait for a technician to come to your home/office or pack up your PC and bring it down to the computer shop then try to figure out how to plug it back in once you get it back.
  • Screen Sharing allows us to train and answer your computer related questions quickly and efficiently. You can show us the problem or error message instead of trying to explain it over the phone.
  • Affordable - We offer Flat Rates instead of per minute charges that can add up fast. You are charged one price no matter how long it takes to fix your computer. Instant support no matter where you are You just need a Cable or DSL Internet connection. This is ideal for traveling laptop users on the go.
  • Not sure what the problem is? We offer a FREE evaluation.

Contact Us!

Click on this link and fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you and help resolve your problem.

(503) 968-8414

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you save time, money, and resources on technology.


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