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OK, so you think you have a virus on your system. The first thing you need to remember is "Don't Panic"


While viruses can be frustrating, and there a real and pressing reasons on why they need to be removed as quickly as possible, they can be removed and we here at Geekoids are very good at removing them from your computer.


Bring your computer into the shop, and we'll take care of it here.

$99.00 for Bootable Systems
$129.00 for non-bootable systems


We simply define a bootable system as one that can bring up the desktop (allows you to log in.)

SPECIAL - There is a subset of programs (Optimizer Pro, My PC Backup, etc) that are not strictly viruses, but are more scamware/nagware that we have been seeing a lot lately. If you are being plagued with this software, and no other viruses, we will remove it for you for just $25.00.


We'll come to you and take care of the problem in your home or business

$90.00 for the first hour
$45.00 per half hour afterwards


If your computer can connect to the internet, we can remove the virus without your having to leave your chair.

$99.00 Flat fee

  • Complete Virus Removal - guaranteed - zero viruses running on your system after we've repaired your PC!
  • 7-Day Warranty - if you think we missed something, or even if you catch another virus in the meantime, Geekoids removes it for free.
  • Windows Update Checkup - to keep you secure and prevent future viruses, we install critical Windows updates.
  • Antivirus Installation - if there is a virus on your system, your old antivirus software is compromised. We will be happy to set you up with Avast or AVG (included).
  • Onsite or Pickup & Drop-Off Options Available - Geekoids can pick up your computer, repair and return it.
  • Priority Repair Available - Have your computer in by noon and we'll have it out by close of business the next business day.


Contact Us!

Click on this link and fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you and help resolve your problem.

(503) 968-8414

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you save time, money, and resources on technology.


Click here to learn more about our company's commitment to our clients' success., Computers - Service & Repair, Portland, OR