About Geekoids

Our Company

Geekoids.com, LLC was originally a joint venture for Douglas Glatz and Sean Kamath. It came about in the fall of 2000 when the hosting company for Doug's original domain (showcats.net) folded, and he was forced to find new hosting on short notice. Given a choice between going to the new host recommended by the previous one, or taking some equipment on hand and starting his own hosting company, Doug decided that he would strike out on his own, but not alone.

Daunted by some of the technical aspects that he had little experience with, Doug approached Sean about helping him resolve those issues at a time when Sean was looking for assistance with some technical work he was consulting on. A partnership was formed! Sean brought extensive knowledge of Sun hardware and Unix operating systems to the table, which has literally transformed the original plan of using Microsoft web and mail platforms into a much more stable (and secure) blend of Sun and Intel hardware running Linux, Solaris and OpenBSD. In August of 2000, when the first server was lit off, Geekoids consisted of two Celeron systems. Since then we have added five Sun systems to expand our capabilities and the services we provide our customers.

In November of 2004, Doug and Sean lost their day jobs. Times being tight, we reevaluated our skills and the business model that had kept Geekoids as a part-time business. After much discussion and planning, the new storefront opened and Geekoids. com made the transition from being a hosting business to a full-service computer consulting firm.

In May of 2006, we bid a sad farewell to Sean. While he was here to help launch the store and get us up on our feet, his true love remains in the realm of Unix and 'big-iron'. He's been tempted to move to California and join the Dreamworks team - and who can blame him? :) Start looking in the movie credits for his name!

In April of 2011, Geekoids went through a major restructuring. We will be concentrating on faster turnaround, friendlier service and competitive pricing!

Our Corporate Mission

To provide professional IT services to the home and small businesses.

Our Team

Douglas Glatz (owner) - Microsoft Product Specialist, MCSE (lapsed) -has worked in the computer industry since getting out of the Navy in 1994. Is currently the owner and senior consultant for the company, and works with business and residential clients in their home and/or offices working with Microsoft Windows Operating systems and Servers.